Audi calls out the Acura NSX for borrowing styling cues

Acura just unveiled an updated NSX concept at the North American International Auto Show and Audi doesn't appear to be pleased with the model's styling.

Twitter user @mattphenix posted a message saying "Is it rude to suggest that #Acura's undeniably lovely #NSX looks a lot like @Audi's 22-year-old Quattro Spyder?" Audi apparently agreed as they retweeted the message and started a war of words between fans of each respective brand.

As we reported yesterday, the NSX concept is a thinly veiled preview of the production model that will be launched by 2015. Besides featuring revised styling, the model was equipped with an interior that showcased "one potential direction" for the car's cabin.

So what do you think, is the NSX a little derivative or is Audi just worried about an R8 competitor?

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