Bentley CEO reaffirms commitment to plug-in hybrids, dismisses diesel engines

Bentley CEO Wolfgang Schreiber has reaffirmed his commitment to offering a plug-in hybrid powertrain in an upcoming model.

Speaking to journalists at the North American International Auto Show, Schreiber said the fuel-saving tech will be offered in a production vehicle by 2016.

While his successor, Wolfgang Dürheimer, had hinted the possibility of using diesel engines, Schreiber dismissed the idea by saying "Diesel is not really a priority for us - our main markets such as China, the US and the Middle East don't care about diesel." He added, "It might actually be too late for diesel now, plug-in hybrids offer even better fuel economy and don't alienate petrol-only markets."

When the executive was asked about the Mulsanne Convertible concept, Schreiber said the "Feedback on the car was absolutely fantastic." However, he hinted "We have so many exciting options to choose from, this is just one of them, but there's still a chance it will be made." It remains unclear what the other "options" are, but former CEO Wolfgang Durheimer confirmed the company was considering a Porsche 911 Turbo competitor as well as two other undisclosed models.

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