1907 dashcam footage is one of the oldest available [video]

1907 dashcam footage is one of the oldest available [video]

This is one of the oldest footage captured by a dashcam. The short clip shows the life in Vancouver, Canada on May 7, 1907.

In 2008 Australia's National Film and Sound Archive released some footage which at that time was considered to be from Hobart, Australia. Upon further investigation, it was established the film was recorded in Vancouver, Canada.

A Seattle filmmaker by the name of William Harbeck jumped into one of the local streetcars and started filming the busy life of the city. Later on, Harbeck was commissioned to document the launch of the Titanic which led to his demise when he was only 44 years old.

On a side note, here is an even older dashcam footage recorded on April 14, 1906 in San Francisco, just four days before the massive earthquake and fire.

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