Ferrari 360 Modena with 791 HP by SeriousHP [video]

SeriousHP has created a turbo kit for the Ferrari 360 Modena.

In its standard configuration, the naturally-aspirated V8 3.6-liter engine produces 405 HP (298 kW). The Texas-based tuner says their project car was initially rated at 300 RWHP, but they were able to increase power to 650 RWHP and 791 HP (582 kW). This was possible through a series of performance upgrades including a new turbocharging system.

The highlight of the upgrade package is a 67-66 Precision Turbo, along with an uprated fuel system, Pro-Efi 128 engine management and a reinforced transmission. In addition, the engine is now fully equipped with forged internals.

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