Toyota and Lexus introduce advanced active safety research vehicle at CES [video]

Following an announcement made last month, Toyota and Lexus are showcasing at CES their advanced active safety research vehicle.

The car has been equipped with a series of sensors and automated control systems for observing, processing and responding to its surroundings. To achieve this task it has stereo cameras, GPS, radar and Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) laser tracking. The latter is a 360-degree laser installed on the roof which can detect objects located around the car at distances of up to 70 meters.

The three HD color cameras are able to spot objects approximately 150 meters away, while the radars installed on the front and sides of the car have the ability of measuring the speed and location of objects. On the rear wheel there is a distance measurement indicator for determining the car's travel distance and speed.

To find out vehicle behavior, Toyota and Lexus have installed an inertial measurements unit on the roof which can measure acceleration and angle changes. Lastly, GPS antennas mounted on the roof can estimate orientation and angle even before the car is moving.

Further details can be read in the press release below.

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