BMW topped Mercedes-Benz last year in U.S. by 7,326 cars

The race for the U.S. luxury car sales crown is finally over with BMW winning the battle.

2012 was a very intense year in the United States luxury car segment with Mercedes-Benz and BMW going head-to-head to take the win. Thanks to an impressive 39 percent boost in sales last month, BMW was able to top M-B for the second consecutive year.

In December BMW delivered 37,399 cars, helped by a massive 72 percent increase in 5-Series sales. Mercedes-Benz sales jumped by 9.5 percent and most of the gain came from the E-Class sedan as sales went up by 32 percent to 6,984 units.

BMW finished last year with 281,460 cars sold, managing to deliver an additional 7,326 units more than Mercedes-Benz. The latter was leading through November by 1,849 cars but in the end it lost the race. Overall, BMW's sales rose in 2012 by 14 percent, while Mercedes-Benz deliveries jumped by 12 percent to 274,134 units.

Sales do not include Springer cargo vans, Smart and MINI models as these are not luxury cars.

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