Renault blames slow EV sales on bad marketing - report

Renault's heavy-handed approach to electric vehicles hasn't gone over well with consumers, but the company is apparently in denial as they're blaming lackluster sales on bad marketing.

Speaking with Autocar, Renault marketing boss Stephen Norman said “We need to communicate the autonomy of the vehicles and let people know more about what they can do." He also went on a limb and said "I think people invent constraints the cars don’t have.” While the latter statement could be true if consumers weren't aware of a model's range, it doesn't alleviate the problem that pure electric vehicles do indeed have a limited range. 

To combat the perceived miscommunication, the Zoe's marketing campaign will focus on how quiet the electric powertrain is. This could help sales, but Norman is a realist and acknowledges the only way to convince people to buy electric vehicles is to get to them to test drive one.

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