Next-gen Jaguar XK to be more premium

Jaguar's design director Ian Callum says next-gen XK "could grow into the luxury market."

Now that Jaguar has launched the F-Type, the British brand will probably decide to make the next generation of the XK a bit more of a luxury GT while the F-Type will remain as a more dedicated sports car. Ian Callum recognized the chance to "allow the car to become a bit more special than a GT" and admitted the possibility of a growth in size.

While the next XK will probably adopt a new strategy, the elegant XJ will most likely remain the same four-door luxury model even though these cars have started to lose their popularity. The reason for this is because luxury SUVs are now a big hit and are cannibalizing sales of luxury sedans.

Although Callum did not say anything about a big Jaguar SUV/crossover in the lineup, he did affirm the company "had to take notice" of the SUV/crossover sales boom.

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