Rinspeed MicroMAX concept revealed, debuts in Geneva

Swiss design and tuning company Rinspeed has prepared yet another interesting concept for next year's Geneva Motor Show.

Company boss Frank Rinderknecht led the design of this new concept that combines personal and public transportation. It was created to be small so that it would be suitable in a crowded city, but at the same time it has an innovative interior cabin with upright seats created to maximize room. The vehicle is 3.6 meters (141.7 inches) long and 2.2 meters (86.6 inches) high and can be configured for craftsman or delivery services thanks to its versatile interior cabin layout.

The MicroMAX can accommodate up to five people and it also offers enough room for a shopping cart, refrigerator, stroller or a coffee maker. Just like most concepts, this is an all-electric vehicle.

Full details will be revealed in March in Geneva.

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