Audi working on 235 mpg A1-based city car

Audi is developing an extremely frugal city car capable of returning 235 mpg US (282 mpg UK or 1 liter / 100 km).

In an interview given to Autocar, Audi's head of technical development Wolfgang Durheimer said this vehicle will be based on the current-generation A1 and will be an "affordable" full four-seater. No compromises will be made to reach those mpg figures as the model will have "all the creature comforts of a normal car, including climate control."

Details are limited at the moment, but it's a known fact that it won't take the 2-cylinder diesel engine inside the Volkswagen XL1. Design will be inspired from Audi's Crosslane Coupe concept, the same vehicle which will influence the looks of the upcoming Q2.

The vehicle could reach showrooms in approximately three years.

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