Nissan Leaf NSC-2015 autonomous prototype unveiled

Nissan has quietly unveiled the Leaf NSC-2015 prototype at CEATEC Japan 2012.

Essentially an autonomous vehicle, the NSC-2015 has a remote monitoring system that "recognizes the surrounding environment through use of an all-around view camera and 4th generation (4G) mobile communications."

The system is a little complicated but Nissan says the driver could arrive at a destination, exit the vehicle and then use a smartphone application to tell the car to park itself. The car would then search for an open parking spot and park. When the owner is ready to go home, the smartphone application would tell the car to meet the driver at their current location.

Interestingly, the system's onboard camera also acts as a security system and can notify the owner if it detects "suspicious behavior" when it is parked.

Despite sounding pretty futuristic, Nissan says the NSC-2015 will be fully viable by 2015.

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