Hear the sound of the high revving engine. Also see beauty footage of the exterior and interior design.

It had been expected that th New C5 would have been unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show a few weeks a go, however we were still treated to C5 Airscape Concept. With the Tokyo Motor Show coming up, possibly this will be their planned venue for the unveiling. Regardless, here is footage of the New C5 and C5 Estate undergoing testing.

Like its predecessor, the new C5 range will be equipped with hydraulic suspension, automatic parking brake, LED taillights and the AFIL system. Built in Rennes-la-Janais, the new model will share engines, gearboxes and numerous other components with the Peugeot 407, though Citroen states that 99 per cent of all visible parts will be specifically designed for the new C5.

Engines available for the C5 are likely to be the 2.0- and 2.2-litre HDIs (150 and 170 bhp) plus the sophisticated 2.7-litre V6 HDI with 208 bhp

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