Nissan TeRRA concept heading to Paris Motor Show [video]

After yesterday’s teaser about the e-NV200 Panel Van concept that will be showcased at the Hanover Motor Show, Nissan has released preliminary information about the hydrogen fuel cell-powered TeRRA SUV concept that will be shown on September 27th during the Paris Motor Show.

This vehicle is 4160mm long, 1800mm wide and is 1560mm tall, while inside the “warm and welcoming” cabin there’s an electronic tablet that serves as an “intelligent key”. The driver of the TeRRA docks it when entering the vehicle and takes it off when leaving the car. While it is docked, this tablet can show information about speed, entertainment, navigation, communications and other aspects of the car.

It combines the company’s knowhow regarding crossovers (Juke and Qashqai) with the EV technology developed for the Leaf, creating a zero-emission SUV that has the electric propulsion system of the latter to motivate the front wheels, while for each of the back wheels there’s an in-wheel electric motor as demonstrated in all three PIVO concepts, thus providing the car with a four-wheel drive system.

Under the hood there’s a hydrogen fuel cell stack that has a power density of 2.5 kW/L. This will remain only as a concept for now but Nissan plans on mass producing FCVs once hydrogen is going to be widely available.

Additional info is provided in the attached press release.

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