Porsche Museum reveals some of its secrets, part 2 [video]

Porsche has revealed the second part of the video series about its museum where they keep their most precious and rarest cars. This second clip of the mini-series is about some special edition models, such as the prototype 928 and the bulletproof 911 (type 996). Other cars mentioned in the video include the 984, 928 Convertible Prototype and the 908 Targa Florio Race Car.

The series will most likely continue with other episodes since Porsche has developed a lot of special cars over the years and we're sure that they have other interesting vehicles to show. Since they couldn't fit all cars in the Stuttgart Porsche Museum, the German carmaker had to use a huge storage garage where they could store the impressive collection of vehicles. Hopefully, more episodes will follow as a lot more secrets are yet to be unveiled by Porsche.

You can check out the first video by accessing the link in the related articles section below.

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