Honda S2000 Type S at Tokyo

New aerodynamics package

The Tokyo Motor Show is about to burst at the seams and manufacturers are dropping names left and right. The latest of these is the Honda S2000 Type S which is based on the highly praised S2000 but adds a huge spoiler and a new aerodynamic package. In fact, it seems to be the US Honda S2000 Club Racer which made its debut at the New York Motor Show.

The Type S is powered by Honda's 237 hp 2.2 liter 4-cylinder DOHC engine and is, as the US press office so nicely stated, 'The S2000 CR is the closest thing you can get to a Honda-built racecar with license plate holders and a horn'.

Pricing in Japan starts at 3,800,000 (just over 23,500 EURO) and Honda hopes to sell 100 units every month and can be had in ten different colours with black and yellow interior, just like its US counterpart.

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