Drive channel visits Koenigsegg factory [video]

Drive channel visits Koenigsegg factory [video]

YouTube's Drive channel takes us on an extensive tour of the Koenigsegg factory hidden in the backwoods of Angelholm Sweden.

In addition to manufacturing some of the most exotic supercars on the planet, Koenigsegg also spends a fair amount of resources developing cutting edge engine and fuel technologies. The aim is to improve power output and fuel economy in various types of vehicles.

In the comprehensive 30 minute episode, Drive channel host, J.F. Musial, not only takes the ride of his life in an Agera R on foggy runway, but gives us an in-depth perspective of what Koenigsegg is all about. The tone of the production is very casual yet passionate and genuine.

Set aside the time and enjoy the entire episode. It's totally worth it!

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