Fahrradi Farfalla FFX is a sweet looking bicycle? [video]

From the same folks who brought us the already legendary Ferdinand GT3 RS (aka the world's slowest Porsche) comes a new automotive parody which takes on the Ferrari FXX as well as Mercedes' over-the-top SLS tunnel commercial with Michael Schumacher.

Called the Fahrradi Farfalla FFX, the name is derived from a blend of the German word for bicycle, which is "Fahrrad", with the brand name Ferrari. The vehicle body is made of light tubes and adhesive connections while a specially constructed aluminum frame sits within.

Its output is 1 to 2 human-power, has direct injection and "moves silently with the weightless elegance of a butterfly."

Check out the funny team philosophy in press release below. It starts out with a Karl Marx reference and ends in a schizophrenic rant about shaman, Burt Reynolds in The Cannonball Run and classical music.

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