Spray-on vinyl wrap for wheels next big tuning trend?

German vinyl car wrap specialist, Foliatec, has developed a new spray-on film that allows car enthusiasts to change the color of their wheels without paying for an expensive paint job.

Foliatec says two cans (400ml each) of their Spray Film will give all four of your wheels a new color. The DIY product involves removing the wheel, masking the tire, spraying the film and mounting the wheel - and you're done.

The Spray Film puts down a tough rubber-like layer that protects the surface underneath. Once the film is on, Foliatec states the film will not be removed by a car wash and detergents do not affect it.

If you get tired of the color and want to try something else, the Spray Film easily peels off in little time. But the Spray Film is not just for wheels. It can be applied to other parts such as side mirrors and bumpers.

With a price of €49.95 in Germany, Foliatec's Spray Film is available in a wide spectrum of colors including black-mat, green-silkmat and
charcoal-metallic to name a few. Foliatec will demonstrate on April 28 the possibilities of Spray Film at Tuning World Bodensee 2012 in Friedrichshafen, Germany.

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