2013 Cadillac XTS has LED-infused door handles, take that Audi [video]

Audi might have started the LED lighting craze, but Cadillac is hoping to garner some attention by sticking them all over the 2013 XTS.

While it's not uncommon for luxury cars to have LED-infused headlights, Cadillac went a step further and embedded them in the mirrors, taillights and door handles. When an owner unlocks the car, it lights up in a choreographed display where the vertical LEDs turn on and eventually become brighter and brighter. The headlights then click on and the door handles become illuminated to surround the car is a sea of light.

The choreography continues in the cabin as the XTS' interior lights dim slowly once the car is started. According to Cadillac, they've taken a ‘theater' approach to keep the cabin warm and inviting.

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