Watch an Alfa Romeo Giulietta shoot a hockey puck and score [video]

Watch an Alfa Romeo Giulietta shoot a hockey puck and score [video]

While Eastern Europe gets blasted with bitter snow storms, Alfa Romeo wants to show off the Giulietta's all-weather driving capabilities.

To do so, Alfa UK enlisted the help of stunt driver Paul Swift and UK's top ice hockey team, Coventry Blaze, to create an entertaining ice hockey driving video.

Running one minute 40 seconds the Alfa Giulietta engages in some reverse 180 J-turns to make two trick shots on goal - of course with a little setup shot from Team Blaze star, David Phillips and some poor goal tending skills. Nonetheless it's fun to see them try.

As far as special Giulietta features are concerned, the vehicle is engaged in All-weather D.N.A. mode which heightens all safety features and improves control and handling in adverse weather conditions. Perhaps an attractive feature to UK inhabitants currently experiencing freezing road temperatures.

Damien Dally, Head of Brand, Alfa Romeo UK says, "This demonstration of control and agility on the ice using the All-weather setting highlights the hidden technology in our cars, and shows how the Alfa Giulietta can cope with adverse driving surfaces at the flick of a switch. Of course it also proves that an Alfa Giulietta can, in fact, play ice hockey!

It should be noted that the video above was captured using only iPhone 4S, an industry first.

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