Nissan Juke-R dusts Gallardo, Ferrari 458 and SLS AMG [video]

Here we have an amateur video of the Nissan Juke-R participating in a side show event for the Dunlop 24 Hours of Dubai race held just over a week ago.

The Juke-R takes on a Lamborghini Gallardo, Ferrari 458 Italia and Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG on an improvised sprint track that is very short and dusty.

Regardless of the poor conditions the Juke-R puts on an impressive run managing to outpower the Gallardo while continuing to pull away.

The dust that is kicked up shows how slippery the surface must be, but the Juke-R and its retrofitted all-wheel-drive system from the Nissan GT-R seem to have better grip than the Gallardo which is also AWD.

On a short tight track like this, gearing plays a very big role. We can't help but wonder how all of the cars compare to each other.

Another element fully open to debate is the level of skill of the drivers. We can hear in the video that the driver of the Juke-R is Lucas Ordonez, the winner of the first GTAcademy 2008, but we don't know who are the others.

Despite knowing the Juke-R is a cyborg/Frankenstein rogue project car from Nissan UK, it cannot be denied - the car is quick!

As a side note, the Juke-R was the safety car for the Dunlop 24 Hours of Dubai.


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