GM envisions interactive rear windows [video]

General Motors has teamed up with students from the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design to envision interactive rear windows.

Dubbed Windows of Opportunity (WOO), the windows are designed to give rear passengers "a stronger connection with the world outside the vehicle."

Since there are no immediate plans for production, designers were free to let their minds run wild. In the end, they developed four apps which passengers could use on long trips:

  • Otto - an animated character that responds to the weather and landscape
  • Foofu - a paint app which allows users to draw on the windows
  • Spindow - provides a real-time view of what other people are seeing out their windows
  • Pond - a music streaming / messaging app which allows users to share music and talk to passengers in other cars

The apps were demonstrated on real windows using motion and optical sensors, but a production version would likely use smart glass technology which is "capable of variable states of translucence and transparency, and can reflect projected images."

Check out the press release for additional information

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