Audi RS Models to Arrive Sooner as Production Increases

Audi subsidiary, Quattro GmbH, is responsible for production of Audi's low volume performance cars such as RS models, S-Line models as well as Audi Exclusive customization packages and lifestyle accessories. In 2007 the number of vehicles coming out of the Quattro GmbH stable included 5300 RS4's, 4000 R8's, 50.000 Exclusive models plus 300.000 S-Line packages making a total of 360.000 vehicles. Compared to only 2500 vehicles back in 2000, its fair to say demand for bespoke and exclusive products from Quattro GmbH are in high demand.

According to German enthusiasts magazine, Auto Motor und Sport, Werner Frowein, Director of Quattro GmbH, stated slight increases in production will take place in 2008 despite their position of always producing enough product just below demand. Currently, production of the Audi R8 mid-engine sports car has been increased to maximum capacity of 27 additional units per day, which will continue throughout 2008, giving a total production of 5500. Also planned for 2008 are 5000 RS 6's, only 1000 RS 4's since production is concluding, and the addition of the 12-cylinder diesel Q7.

Sounds good, but it gets even better. Typically, RS cars are released in the last two years of a vehicle's six year life cycle, however, quattro GmbH have now changed this policy which will see future RS models coming to market after the first two years. Although it is unknown which RS model this new production schedule will apply to first, we can speculate based on recent spy photos that it will most likely be the TT-RS followed by the RS 5. Additionally, with consideration to Quattro GmbH's policy of having only one RS model on the market at a time, this accelerated cycle of RS cars explains why we have been seeing spy photos of the simultaneous development of RS cars (linked above).

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