Prior-Design BMW 1M conversion for 1-Series Coupes

So, you had no luck acquiring a BMW 1M and had to "settle" for a 135i. Have no fear, a solution is near.

German tuner Prior-Design has got a body conversion for all non-M 1-Series E82 models. The widebody kit includes a front bumper fascia, hood with vents, widened front fenders (with M-badge turn indicator lamp), side skirts and rear bumper fascia. Prior Design mentions rear wheel arch widenings are available but we don't see them in these photos unless they are fabricated/welded over the existing arches.

BMW 1M production, which was initially limited to 2700 units, was extended to the summer 2012. However, it is doubtful the additional units will satisfy demand. Therefore, this body kit known as PDM1-WB could be a viable alternative for many 1-Series E82 owners.

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