Toyota: 'Reborn' and 'Fun to drive, again' slogans announced [video]

Speaking at the Tokyo Motor Show, Toyota president and CEO Akio Toyoda unveiled the Japanese automaker's new slogans - 'Reborn' and 'Fun to drive, again'.

Toyoda said the brand must emphasize the enjoyment factor of its products as Toyota unveiled several concepts at the show, such as the aptly-named Fun Vii, that played on that theme.

"I belive if it is not fun then it is not a car. There are many different ways of travelling from A to B, but a car must have an emotional presence that inspires drivers to enjoy the feeling of driving," said Toyoda.

Toyoda also stated that measures taken to make cars more fuel-efficient should not detract from their fun factor.

"I believe that no matter how advanced we can become, it is important to keep the feeling of excitement," said Toyoda.

On a less environmentally-correct note, he also said that he hopes the gasoline-powered car isn't going to become obsolete.

"Personally I like the smell of gasoline and sound of an engine, so I hope this type of vehicle won't disappear," he said, as quoted in the Autocar story.

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