Zagato and CPP formally announce joint venture

As previously reported, Zagato and CPP (Spyker's new owner) have formally announced they have started a new joint venture called CPP Milan.

Noting that "several specialist automotive design houses and coachbuilders have closed or been acquired by global high volume vehicle manufacturers," Zagato decided to team up with CPP in order to ensure "...their long-term independence and take advantage of the opportunities left by the exit of their competitors from the industry."

In a statement, Andrea Zagato said "It was quite clear for several years that our creations were complementary with CPP's manufacturing capabilities. We discussed the idea of a more advanced relationship in early 2010 and the increasingly challenging conditions facing the entire automotive industry prompted us to accelerate the process. Through / By establishing the CPP Milan joint venture, we have guaranteed the independent status of the Zagato brand ensuring the continuity of a tradition that began in 1919."

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