Splinter Supercar Made of Wood

Approaching the serious idea of constructing a super car out of wood is cause for doubt, especially, with consideration to heat, weight and safety and their disastrous effects. However, put all notions of political correctness and conventional logic aside and consider the possibility.

That's exactly what some graduate students at North Carolina State University have done. Stated on their web site, “...we aren't trying to sell anything, we aren't trying to save the world, and we aren't advocating that everyone should drive a wooden car. This project is a scholastic endeavor in which we are simply trying to explore materials, learn, share ideas, and stimulate creativity." Stimulate creativity is an understatement. At first glance, a glorified tree trunk on wheels but closer look at the detail, from inner body structure, wheels, exterior, steering and suspension components, and a complex project of design and engineering start to unravel.

Easy to think of this project, called Splinter, as a fancy car design drafted on computer with a wood grain exterior, but actually it's a real vehicle being built. With a target weight of 2500 lbs. the wooden projectile, gets a twin roots-type superchargers Northstar V8 producing 600hp and theoretically capable of 190 mph. Check out the source link below for full story and production photos.

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