One-of-a-kind Lindner Nocker Jaguar E-type restored

The Lindner Nocker E-Type Jaguar was the only one of its kind ever made and it crashed in 1964 at the Montlhery circuit. It has taken the car 47 years to get back on its feet, so to speak.

Jaguar has unveiled the restored model at the Classic Motor Cars workshop in Bridgnorth, Shropshire after a restoration project that took four years and over 7,000 hours of work.

When the car first crashed, a restoration was believed not possible. But the painstaking project headed by Peter Neumark restored the car using more than 90 percent of its original parts.

This Low Drag lightweight E-Type is a one of a kind and only 12 lightweight E-Types in total were ever made between 1963 and 1964. Its restoration is one of the most extensive in the automotive world.

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