Ciento Once by GWA - Mercedes-Benz C111 experimental vehicle revival

GWA Tuning has drafted a one-off prototype based on the Mercedes-Benz C111 called the Ciento Once.

The San Antonio, Texas-based tuner, owned by designer Arturo Alonso, decided to revive the 1970 C111 to create another gullwing Merc. The C111 was an experimental vehicle by Mercedes-Benz that featured a four-rotor Wankel engine. It never made it to production although Mercedes did follow with successor concepts.

The Ciento Once proposal includes a tubular space frame chassis with a Mercedes M120 V12 engine producing 408 hp (304 kW / 414 PS) and is coupled to a 6-speed Cima H type trans-axle.

Wheelbase is slightly shorter than the original at 103 inches (2616 mm) and weight is similar at 1,400 kg (3086 lbs). Brakes are the same as on the S55 Mercedes-Benz.

Ride comfort comes care of an adjustable coil-over suspension and GWA Type A wheels, 9 x 19 rims in 265/35/19 tires at the front and 11 x 20s with 295/30/20 tires at the back.

The aluminum body will be hand made and include an electronically adjustable rear wing as well as a rear diffuser and front spoiler with a large air intake.

The interior will also come with a retro look, with the instrument panel similar to the W120R, but feature modern attire such as carbon-fiber seats, brushed aluminum pedals and illuminated door sills.

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