Walter de Silva goes clean, does not mess with tried-and-tested Golf look

Volkswagen’s Golf VI, the company’s staple foodstuff, is out again on public roads doing extensive testing sessions. Risk-averse VW is once again counting on the Golf, which is expected on some showroom floors as early as later this year, to light up the sales crackers. Since 1974 the name Golf has meant many different things to many people. As the original people’s hatchback, Golf carries with it certain expectations with each new model.

Such expectations are rife with the Golf VI as the name is now as synonymous with VW as the old Beetle was. As delivery is important, the car will feature a number of new innovations, including BlueMotion technology and possibly a hybrid for the American market. A 7-speed DSG ‘box is certain on upper models such as the GTI and R 32.
Mark Lichter’s Golf V study has been extensively revised under the eye of Walter de Silva to draw even cleaner, smoother lines.

A whole array of engines should whet people’s appetites, beginning with the 1.4 TSI right up to a possible R 36 model. We hope VW’s unofficial policy of placing a premium on their vehicles will disappear with the reappearance of the Golf VI. This will go a long way towards re-establishing the model as a popular, everyman’s car.

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