German DTM race series confirmed for U.S.

DTM racing will be crossing the Atlantic for a U.S.-based championship series of 12 races scheduled for the 2013 season.

The new DTM series will serve as a sprint race addition to the GRAND-AM, NASCAR Sprint Cup and NASCAR Nationwide Series.

Proper details are yet to be released, so it is not clear how the series will be set up. GRAND-AM teams may have the chance to expand into the US DTM series if they can come to an agreement with the German big three - Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz. BMW recently announced it will return to DTM racing in 2012. But outside of GRAND-AM and NASCAR, it remains a question whether other teams can participate.

"I look at this announcement as a way to grow the overall image and impact and marketability of GRAND-AM. Having Audi and Mercedes and now BMW running on the same weekends with us is not going to hurt GRAND-AM at all," said Robert Davis, chief of Mazda's North American motorsports programs, in the story.

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