Mazda3 tries on new KODO design paradigm [video]

The Shinari Concept, Mazda's first conceptualization of a four-door, four-seater sports coupe, using their new KODO design language is a sign of things to come. 

With a very positive reaction for the Shinari Concept by fans, media and industry, Mazda wastes no time with a follow up video showing the KODO design paradigm applied to the Mazda2 or Mazda3.  Mazda created this video, not with computers but by projecting images and colours onto a clay model.  The results are interesting to say the least. 

In the end, we can't help but come away impressed with what we're seeing. The KODO design philosphy has the potential to bring Mazda upmarket into the premium sector, but design alone doesn't sell cars.  Mazda still has huge challenges particularly in the area of interior materials, construction and build quality - prerequisites for entering the premium market.

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