Audi Cam introduced - real time viewing of service work on your Audi

To appease their voyeuristic clientèle, Audi is launching the new Direct Reception initiative in the UK.

Designed to get owners more involved in the repair process, the initiative forces dealership employees to wear a two-way radio and an 'Audi Cam'. When owners take their car in for service, they sit in the waiting room and watch a live feed from the Audi Cam. If a problem arises, the customer can talk to the technician / service advisor over the two-way radio.

According to Audi's UK Director Jeremy Hicks, "Service departments throughout the industry are often accused of baffling customers with science - by offering ours full exposure to the work undertaken on their cars, and the ability to talk through that work with the technician involved, our aim is to demystify the process as fully as possible. We want to ensure that everyone who entrusts their Audi to us for servicing and repairs knows exactly where they stand and exactly what to expect."

Hopefully, technicians are being paid more for the inconvenience.

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