Ford Performance Vehicles Reveals New Falcon Range (AU)

No Australian Ford Falcon range would be complete without an aspiration performance brand. In preparation for their launch of the Ford Performance Vehicle FG Falcon range in June, FPV have release some details on the exciting new range.

Borrowing heavily from Ford’s global “Kinetic” styling direction, the FG Falcon range is a thoroughly refreshing approach to the Australian large sedan ethos and the FPV range builds on this solid design platform. The new range will be simplified into the V8 GT series and the F6 Turbocharged 6 cylinder range. The GT in the image is the V8 premium product and is traditionally styled for the extroverts amongst FPV’s buyers. Expect the F6 models to offer a more subtle design package in-line with its European influenced performance.

FPV are coy on specifications at present, which is a shame as the FPV vehicles are all about the numbers. Expect the V8 to continue on in its 5.4 litre capacity, although it will be heavily reworked to allow the engine to rev a little higher. These extra revs should produce in excess of 310kW’s (415HP) SAE. The 4.0L Turbo six was always about torque and it had a surplus at 550Nm, and although this engine is strong enough to produce considerably more, the rest of the drivetrain may limit improvements in this area. Power will be up though to around 300kW’s (402HP) SAE as a result of a revised fuel system which will allow the engineers to run more boost.

Although the GT range will have all the drama with its thunderous V8 soundtrack, you would be a fool to bet against the F6 beating the GT in performance terms. The F6’s lighter weight and flatter torque curve will always win those traffic light races.

The FPV’s main rival is HSV (Holden Special Vehicles) which exports to a number of countries around the world such as the UK, USA and the Middle East. Does the new FG Falcon series now mean that even non Australians/New Zealanders can now look forward to seeing some of these unique high performance FPV Ford’s on their shores? It would be rather greedy of the Aussies to keep FPV all to themselves.

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