Audi Commercial: Suicide Proof TDI

While Scott Keogh (Chief Marketing Officer for Audi America) was busy criticizing the Big Three for lackluster advertising, his company released a bad ad of their own.

The minute long commercial shows a depressed man attempting to kill himself with carbon monoxide poisoning. After several hours, the man awakens to find his A5 has run out of diesel and he is alive and well. Disappointed, he attempts to sever his head by using the power windows.

As odd as it sounds, this commercial is virtually identical to a 2002 ad created by Brian Baderman for Citroen. In that commercial, a man also attempts to kill himself in the same way. When it fails, he drives the Citroen into a tree.

[UPDATE 08.01.2010] The video has been removed. After contacting Audi one of their spokespersons stated, "I can confirm that this is a fake and was not created by Audi AG. I can also tell you that the people who have created it are not connected to Audi AG in any way."

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