White Returns as Number One Car Color

White is the new silver in the US. Forbes Auto says the color white or white pearl has overtaken silver as the color of choice among the well-heeled in fashion, consumer products and other desirables. Silver had been ‘market’ leader for the past seven years. It may be touch and go for now as silver is not far off from the white, with black making up the top three. Younger buyers and those also young at heart, are drawn more towards expressive colors like orange, yellow, red and so on than conservative colors like silver and grey.

General Motors, whose commentary is on this video clip, says they have found also that brown is returning to the fore. “Brown is a very intriguing color for us,” says Chris Webb of GM. “It hasn’t been seen in the automotive industry since the 80s. Brown had very negative connotations; it was earth, dirt and mud. But since the explosion of coffee and the Star Bucks effect is what the industry is calling it, brown has returned with a vengeance.” This is evident with their Buick Enclave of which more than a third sold are Cocoa Metallic in color.

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