Ferrari Not Impressed With Stretched 360

Threatens to sue

Ferrari tuning, some see it as blasphemous while some argue that everything, including prancing pony super cars, can be improved upon. Most tuning companies draw the line at new rims, over-sized rear spoilers and carbon-fibre body kits, but sometimes you come across more extremely 'tuned' cars.

One of these extreme cars is the stretched 2000 Ferrari 360 which seats 8 people and is now on sale on eBay for GBP 150,000 (Euro 195,000). This is not a collectors item, this is a business all on its own and comes with two website URL's and will cost customers GBP 700 an hour to rent. The eight carbon fibre sport seats can be accessed through two huge electric gullwing doors.

Ferrari headquarters however are not amused by this unique Ferrari and sent out their lawyers to ask Dan Cawley, the current owner, to remove all Ferrari and 360 Modena badges from the car. Reasoning behind it is that the 6 meter long limo is no longer an actual Ferrari and that he is infringing on their copyright.

Cawley asks in return via TimesOnline: “What kind of precedent does it set when you can’t do what you like with your own property?”

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