Introducing WCF PRO

Available immediately!  WorldCarFans (WCF) PRO is a paid subscription version of WCF that includes premium content and site upgrades. They are:

  • New photo galleries with super fast loading photos (sample gallery included in this article)
  • Super high-res photos (1600 pixel width - whenever possible)
  • Batch photo download (entire album via zip file)
  • Fast loading AD-FREE site (except videos)
  • VIP member status within WCF Social community (optional)
  • Formula 1 high-res photos (1200 to 1600 pixel width - whenever possible)
  • Formula 1 Grid Girls high-res photos (1200 pixel width)

As a special introductory rate WCF PRO is available for a small monthly fee of €1.75 / $2.50 / £1.50. For even greater value an annual subscription is only €15.00 / $21.00 / £12.00. Payments can be made via our secure PayPal Pro payment system which accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover credit cards.

Even if you are happy with WCF as it is now. There's no obligation to sign up to WCF PRO. WCF ad-supported site will remain the same with all of the same content and functions. WCF PRO is intended as an alternate viewing option for those who wish to have an enhanced WCF experience or simply want to give their support to WCF.

As always, we depend on your feedback. Please login, add your comments below and tell us what you think about WCF PRO. We also welcome your emails via: feedback[at]


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