Tesla Model S In Motion

Tesla Model S In Motion

An electric car that is, actually, kind of cool?

Here is the Tesla Model S saloon in motion and just listen to that electric, subway-like zipping sound it makes as it scurries away. Who said that electric cars had to sound like a food processor?

And the car has got some moves too, judging by how it turns around and speeds away like that in the video.

Finally, here is an electric car from a small, entrepreneurial company that has a top-notch design to it. Its looks can rival the Maserati Quattroporte.

That's not to hype this vehicle too much because one has the right to be skeptical of the true practicality of an electric car which boasts these kinds of numbers. Tesla claims a 300 mile range (483 km) on this sedan, with room for 5+2 and plenty of trunk space due to the batteries being stacked underneath the cabin. It takes a "few hours" to charge and one should assume that will indeed become more than a hassle when compared to the ease with which you can drive up to a gas station and fill up in a couple of minutes.

Still, watching the Tesla Model S in motion does bring this car closer to the reality of it being a viable option to take to the streets one day.


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