First Production Ford Mustang Cobra Jet Racer Rolls Off Production Line

Just months after it was officially unveiled at 2008 SEMA Show in Las Vegas, the first race ready Ford Mustang Cobra Jet has rolled off the assembly line. The Cobra Jet, also known as the Mustang FR500CJ, joins the Mustang FR500S, Mustang FR500C and the Mustang FR500GT as the latest addition to the Ford Racing family.

Unlike its other Ford Racing brethren, the new Cobra Jet is strictly meant for track and is the drag racing equivalent of the Mustang FR500S. The company says that the Cobra Jet is the prefect NHRA drag car for people interested in racing but may not want to make a major financial commitment.

The car features numerous improvements to make it a competitive racer such as a tweaked 5.4-liter Cobra Jet engine with cold air induction, a Cobra Jet bell housing, stainless steel racing headers, a 9-inch rear axle assembly, a one piece driveshaft, a specially tuned suspension with adjustable dampners, and drag slicks. Owners can choose to outfit their racer with either a 6-speed manual or 3-speed automatic transmission, depending on their personal preference.

All the cars will feature a white exterior with a prominent hood scoop, flush quarter window louvers, and unique Cobra Jet wheels. The interior also gets the racing makeover thanks to the addition of a 5-inch tachometer, a SVT Mustang short-throw shifter with black shift knob and handle, and a special Cobra Jet seat package.

Since the Cobra Jet isn't street legal the racer gets to avoid the typical VIN coding, so the limited production run will start with the VIN "FR500CJ" and end with the car's production number.


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