Audi will be buying ad time for a 60-second spot for Super Bowl XLIII. Audi claims last year's ad buy was a success, driving interest in its R8 sports car and tripling its web traffic for its US website.

Audi is boldly going ahead and buying ad time for the Super Bowl game next year.

Audi claims that last year's ad (seen above), featuring the R8 sports car in a spoof of the Godfather films, was a success and is hoping to repeat the feat again by buying an ad time for Super Bowl XLIII.

The new 60-second spot will air during the first quarter of the game, which is likely to be a very expensive proposition for the Ingolstadt-based premium brand. Super Bowl ad time is the most costly in the world. NBC, which will be airing Super Bowl XLIII, is said to be charging about 3 million US dollars per 30-second spot. Audi has not said how much the airing of the ad will cost.

Audi hopes to increase awareness of the brand in the US and drive traffic to its website, which last year's ad tripled in the subsequent months. Audi is the least well known in the US market of the three competing German premium brands, which include Mercedes-Benz and BMW. Audi says it has taken a larger portion of the import luxury market in the US in 2008, increasing its share of the segment to 8.6 percent from 6.2 percent a year prior.

No details available yet on what the ad will be or whether it will focus on the brand or a specific model. The ad is being produced by Venables Bell & Partners, Audi's advertising agency based in San Francisco.


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