More Nissan 370Z Nismo Photos Surface Ahead of Launch

Nissan's in house tuner putting out more pics ahead of the 370Z release. The 370Z will go on sale early next year in the US market and will feature a new 3.7 liter engine with 330 hp.

The new Nissan 370 Z, called the Fairlady-Z in Japan, is coming soon and Nissan's in-house tuner, Nismo, has released some new pics here to titilate the market for its latest model.

In these tough times, it may be a good idea to get as much buzz going for your new release. And maybe drum up business for your in-house tuner too. Because, that is essentially selling the customer on an additional set of options, which is where automakers really make the bulk of their their profits on a vehicle anyway.

That may sound cynical but Nismo offers just enough bells a whistles on the new 370Z to spice up the car but nothing under the hood that could bump this Z up into Germanic-competing territory.

We have previously reported on the two packages that Nismo is offering on the 370Z. An S-Tune Aero Package, focused on an improved aerodynamic performance. And a S-Tune Performance Package, with Nismo LMZ5 19" wheels, new break pads, S-Tune Suspension and Nismo Stainless Exhaust for better throttle response and a livelier, road-rumbling sound.

Fairlady, yes. But just barely.


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