New Saab 9X Air Concept Video Released

Last month the Saab 9-X Air Concept made its debut in Paris, leaving in its wake a new approach to convertible design. With its unique patent-pending ‘Canopy Top’ design we can see the prominent rear pillars curving upwards to meet the flat folding fabric top. The result is a wraparound greenhouse combined with an active wind deflector on top of the windshield header that minimizes back drafts and eliminates the need for a rear wind deflector net. The Canopy Top design provides excellent visibility with either top up or top down.

As a dramatic preview to the next generation 9-3 Convertible, the 9-X Air Concept also showcases an arc shaped driver information zone which houses a row of five 3-D graphic display screens extending into the driver's door.

The video which was just recently released by Saab is a 1 minute animtion of the Canopy top and driver information zone in action.


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